Flagyl treatment during pregnancy

1Antibiotics are used to eradicate bacteria in the body and prevent them from development and harmful actions.

This type of medicines helps the immune system to overcome the infectious disease. Antibiotics are prescribed for children and adults. Some of the antibiotics still cannot be safely used in certain categories of patients. Particularly it concerns young children, older patients, breast -feeding and pregnant women.

Antibiotics should be taken only with a doctor’s approval and under the condition of having the results of the tests proving that your disorder is caused by the bacteria.2

Pregnant women should consult their doctor or gynecologist about taking any medicine including antibiotics. Most antibiotics are not safe for pregnant women and their unborn babies. It is absolutely required to inform your doctor about the medicines you are going to use.

During pregnancy a woman can be more prone to certain types of infections and may need to take certain antibiotics. All antibiotics permitted to be used during pregnancy should be consumed strictly on prescription. Self-medicating may be very dangerous.

3Regarding Flagyl, it can be safely used after 14 weeks of pregnancy. The medicine is not recommended for use during the first 14 weeks. The use of this medicine is suggested for the treatment of vaginal trichomoniasis during after the first trimester of pregnancy.

During clinical studies of Flagyl it was confirmed that Metronidazole passes the placental barrier. Still there is no evidence that this medicine has any anomalies on the fetus.

It is important to be aware of the dose of Flagyl you’re going to use for the treatment. Taking Flagyl during a long period of time can cause serious health consequences.

Only your doctor or gynecologist can prescribe you the right dose and duration of the treatment, after careful evaluation of your condition.


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