Flagyl: Warnings and Precautions

Flagyl medicine is used when a person has the symptoms of bacterial infection. This antibiotic of wide-spectrum of use should be administered with the doctor’s affirmation and approval of the dosage.

The medicine has certain limitations of use and several groups of patients who intend to consume it should be informed and warned about risks of its taking. Patients with neurological disorders and central nervous system diseases can experience the serious side effects from Flagyl.

In case of the following effects happen, a patient should immediately stop the treatment and apply to a doctor: • Convulsive seizures • Encephalopathy • Aseptic meningitis • Optic and peripheral neuropathy In the occurrence of abnormal neurologic symptoms the cessation of the treatment is required. Flagyl (metronidazole) can seriously interact with alcohol and alcohol containing products.

Therefore, the use of alcohol during the treatment with Flagyl is strictly prohibited. The consumption of alcohol should not be started within the few days before and after the treatment.

Patients should remember that all antibiotics and metronidazole are used for the treatment of bacterial infections. The wrong use or abuse of antibiotics can be dangerous for health and result in development of drug resistant bacteria.

Flagyl is prescribed to treat a bacterial infection, so when the medicine begins to fight bacteria in your body, you may feel significant relief and experience no further symptoms. Still, the course of the treatment should be continued full length.

The discontinuation of the treatment, skipping or missing doses can result in ineffectiveness of the medicine and increases the risk of bacteria resistance to Flagyl. In case of skipping doses, it is necessary to use the dose as soon as possible.

Still if the time to take your next dose has come, you should not use two single doses at once. In case of overdosing, call your doctor right away. While taking Flagyl a patient should also avoid using other medicines which can interact with metronidazole.

In addition a patient should report all the negative side effects related to Flagyl to a doctor. The use of Flagyl in pregnant women should be seriously considered. Only a doctor can decide if the benefits this medicine’s use get over the risks to the fetus.

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